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Piercing Aftercare

Tribal Rites gives oral aftercare after your procedure and also gives every customer an extensive written pamphlet on how to care for your piercing. To put that all here would be too much information. Below is a short piercing FAQ. For other more specific questions please refer to our pamphlet or ask a piercer directly. Thank you.

It is a large file so be patient

1) Does it hurt?
Yes it hurts, and as pain is subjective from person to person it is hard to judge how painful a piercing will be for you. However, a skilled piercer will get a piercing done quickly with minimal pain.
2) May I go swimming?
You always risk possible infection when submersing a fresh piercing. Stay away from hot tubs and fresh water such as lakes and rivers. The ocean has large amounts of bacteria, but sometimes people report that it actually has healing properties due to the salt content. Well, maintained pools are better, but still not perfect.
3) Will exercise hurt my piercing?
Be sure to always clean your piercing after working up a sweat as new dirt and bacteria may have invaded your piercing. Avoid exercises that constantly move your piercing: i.e. sit-ups for navel piercings.
4) When can I switch my jewelry?
All piercings are a little different and each person heals at different rates, but, in general, a good rule of thumb is to wait until the initial healing period is over. This can be anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months.
5) How old do I have to be?
Tribal Rites requires you to be18 years of age or older. If you are a minor we will do certain piercings at our discretion and only with a parent or legal guardian present. Please bring picture ID’s that have matching last names or addresses. See our store policies for more information.
6) I think I have an infection. What should I do?
There are many things to consider if you are having a problem with your piercing. For some ideas refer to Tribal Rites Piercing After Care pamphlet. In general, never take out your jewelry until you have consulted a piercer or physician. You may not even have an infection. Although, infections can occur with the best of care, the better you take care of your piercing, and the less you touch it, the less risk you will have of infection. Infections are always serious and dangerous. Make sure you take the proper steps to control any problem. Many infections can be considered minor and can be eliminated. However, excessive pain, large areas of discoloration around the piercing, red streaks, severe bleeding, or a fever are signs of a serious infection and deserve a trip to the emergency room.
7) How long will it take to heal?
Each person and piercing is different. A short list of general initial healing times is provided in our After Care pamphlet.


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