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From a historical perspective piecing has been a common practice since man existed. There are mummified remains that have earrings from over 5000 years ago. Other piercings such as nose piercing and septum piercing (between the nostrils) has been extremely common in many cultures. Nose piercings have dated back to 1500 BC in India, and are still very prevalent today. Septum piercing was very common practice among the South American Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas. Most piercing done before modern times used wood, horn, or bone.

Contemporary piercing is very widespread, but attempts to maintain a greater level of safety by using safer materials such as surgical grade implant stainless steel and titanium. We also treat piercing as minor surgical procedures and therefore take precautions as such. Needles and jewelry are always sterilized, and we work in a clean environment to assure your safety and a healthy successful piercing.

Tribal Rites piercing is always done in a private room. Our expert piercers are trained with excellent bedside manner, and will get your procedure done quickly and safely. You are always welcome to ask your piercer about are safety precautions before your procedure.

Our prices are extremely competitive. We are able to offer superior pricing because we do a large volume. Thus giving you great prices without sacrificing jewelry standards, quality, or safety. Because we do thousands of piercing a year, our piercers are the best in the region.

We offer many piercings, as well as other services including stretching to larger gauges, scalpeling, and large project pieces with multiple piercings. We offer everything from dermal anchors and surface piercing to all oral, facial, and genital piercing. Some of our piercers are more comfortable with certain type of piercing over others. If you are getting something more extreme please contact a shop first and ask a piercer if they will do your piercing. If not they will refer you to a piercer that can help you. If you have seen a piercing on someone or a picture on the internet, we can find someone to help you get your project done.

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