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Appointment Preparation


◘  A valid ID is required for all procedures even if you have been in previously and filled out previous waivers. If you show up without an ID you will not get a refund for your deposit.  We will attempt to reschedule your appointment. 
◘  Adults are required to have a government issued photo ID. Minors must have a state issued photo ID that matches the parent's ID. (Name and address) OR a school ID accompanied with an original Birth Certificate.
◘ Acceptable forms of ID are:  State ID, Driver's license, Passport, Military ID, Concealed Carry License.  
◘  An original Birth Certificate is required for all minor children getting ear lobe piercings.
◘  Other ID options may be acceptable, but must be approved prior to your appointment. Please call if you have questions regarding proper identification.


◘ Please bring all necessary ID. See Above.
◘ Eat and be well hydrated before your appointment. This is great for your constitution.
◘ Your deposit will go towards the total price of your visit, but it is only a deposit. It does not include the full price of the piercing or jewelry. Please bring suitable payment. If you need to know pricing ahead of time, please call or use our contact page here.
◘ Children: While we love kids, please understand that we may not be able to accommodate your children while you are getting a procedure.  Please try to leave the little ones with a sitter or family when you come in.  Children getting pierced are always welcome.  


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