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Tattoo Removal

Regen Laser is located next to Tribal Rites Westminster location at 7737 W 92nd Ave. Call: 303-421-5714 Or check out REGEN and book a free consultation online.

Tribal Rites, through its partner ReGen Laser, is offering tattoo removal services. Now we know that the tattoos you get from Tribal Rites are the last tattoos you will ever get, but we also know that we were not always the first place you visited when embarking down the tattoo experience. Mistakes happen and we want to help fix them. 

We offer you two ways of going about this.

1. Cover up tattoos: We have some very talented artists who are awesome at covering up that unwanted tattoo, but know that if your tattoo is big or dark you will have to go bigger, and darker to cover your existing tattoo. For some people this is fine, but number two is a better solution.

2. We can lighten or “knockdown” your existing tattoo making it far easier for your artist to then place a stellar brand new professional tattoo where your old unwanted ink was. 

This has several advantages.
  • You do not have to get a larger tattoo
  • You do not have to get a darker tattoo
  • You can spend less on the laser sessions because we only have to lighten the tattoo.
  • You have far more options for your new tattoo as it really is no longer a cover up, but a new amazing tattoo.
  • ReGen Laser will pay you to get your cover up.

Yes! ReGen Laser will pay you 10% of all the money you spent on the laser sessions towards a cover up of your old tattoo.

Please click on this link toReGen Laser and see why their leading technology is your best choice in tattoo removal.

*ReGen laser will give you 10% of all money spent on your laser tattoo removal process. This will be in the form of gift certificate that must be used for the area indicated, and your tattoo must be done by a Tribal Rites artist. Only half of Groupon or Living Social coupons will be applied. See more details here.


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